Pribolab®Automatic Immunoaffinity Column Purification System

Pribolab®Automatic Immunoaffinity Column Purification System

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  • Item No.: (EQ-IM 5030/5040//Auto IPS-6050/6060
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  • Trademark: Pribolab

Pribolab®Automatic Immunoaffinity Column Purification System(EQ-IM 5030/5040//Auto IPS-6050/6060) is an automated  platform that integrated the three steps of mycotoxin purification(loading, washing, elution) by immunoaffinity columns in one, which realized the fully automatic purification of mycotoxin, thus significantly improved the efficiency of the pretreatment process of mycotoxin analysis.


Full-auto purification process, no manual operation required.

Adopt high precision metering pump that output uniform speed and double direction concentration, accurate flow rate control.

Full touch screen control software, built–in standard procedures, also permits to reset and modify the solution volume, the program involved in the automatic error alarm system and overpressure/leakage warning system.

Durable and no-residue materials; Teflon or PEEK materials fluid pipelines. 

Multi-frequency automatic cleaning and draining the pipelines, reduced the solvent residue to 0.01%, prohibited the cross-contamination.

Adopt ten-way valve to select and switch the solvent automatically, extra deployed a effluent channel to avoid cross-contamination between samples.

Double individual cleanup channels work simultaneously, enhanced the efficiency to 2~4times than manual operation.

High recovery ratio, the built-in standard procedures have been rigorously tested and verified. Ensure high stability and repeatability.

Technical Parameters:

Power Supply: 

220 V(±10%); 50 Hz(±2%); 240 W

Work Condition: 

Temp4~45℃ Humidity<90%

Liquid Transfer Valve: 

Sixteen-way valve number:2;Six-way valve number:6;

Extra effluent channel

Injection range:


Process Time: 

30 minpermit reset

Loading Volume:


Stroke Control Accuracy: 


Controllable Flow Rate: 


Solvent Residues:



1mL/3mL/6mLImmunoaffinity columns

Sample reagent tank: