Pribolab®Automatic Immunoaffinity Column Purification System

  • Storage: 2~8℃
  • Expiry Date:
  • Item No.: M3002
  • Specification: 3mL;25T
  • Trademark: PriboFast


Pribolab®Automatic Immunoaffinity Column Purification System(EQ-IM 5030/5040//Auto IPS-6050/6060) is an automated platform that integrated the three steps of Immunoaffinity column’s purification(loading, washing, elution) in one, thus significantly improving the efficiency.


  •  Full-auto purification process, no manual operation required.

  • Adopt high precision metering pump that output uniform speed and double direction concentration, accurate flow rate control.

  • Full touch screen control software, built–in standard procedures, also permits to reset and modify the solution volume, the program involved in the automatic error alarm system and overpressure/leakage warning system.

  • Durable and no-residue materials; Teflon or PEEK materials fluid pipelines. 

  • Multi-frequency automatic cleaning and draining the pipelines, reduced the solvent residue to 0.01%, prohibited the cross-contamination.

  • Adopt ten-way valve to select and switch the solvent automatically, extra deployed a effluent channel to avoid cross-contamination between samples.

  • Double individual cleanup channels work simultaneously, enhanced the efficiency to 2~4times than manual operation.

  • High recovery ratio, the built-in standard procedures have been rigorously tested and verified. Ensure high stability and repeatability.

Technical Parameters:

Power Supply: 

220 V(±10%); 50 Hz(±2%); 240 W

Work Condition: 

Temp4~45℃ Humidity<90%

Liquid Transfer Valve: 

Two Sixteen-way valves;Six Six-way valves;

Extra effluent channel

Injection range:


Process Time: 

30 minpermit reset

Loading Volume:


Stroke Control Accuracy: 


Controllable Flow Rate: 


Solvent Residues:



1mL/3mL/6mLImmunoaffinity Columns

Sample Reagent Tank: